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May 9, 2014

Nexgard, the flea and tick* killer that’s easy to give your dog

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Bite-sized flea and tick control.

Bite-sized flea and tick control

Are you tired of that greasy, topical flea and tick product?  If your answer is yes, then welcome to NexGard. Nexgard is a new 30 day beef flavored soft chew to prevent and kill fleas and the American Dog Tick for dogs.   The FDA approved this product last fall and it is on the shelf at Ralston Vet.  For less than $.67/day, you can have your dogs protected against fleas and ticks with one chewable. We should be celebrating.  The best part is that this product is a Frontline Plus brand.  If you buy it from Ralston Vet, it falls under the Satisfaction Guarantee.

What is the Satisfaction Guarantee?  The Frontline Plus brand products are guaranteed as long as you buy the products from your veterinarian,  give it for 3 months consecutively and treat all the pets in the household.  The guarantee gives you 3 options:

1) Replacement product

2) Full refund

3) Terminex pest control in home inspection and if necessary home treatment.


Don’t wait it is easier and less expensive to prevent than to treat a flea problem!

For more information about Nexgard click here.

*American Dog Tick


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