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July 17, 2014

Dog Days of Summer

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Dog Days of Summer

Keep your pets cool in the heat of summer outside and inside.jasper and toby o netta (2)

As the heat of summer rises, we may not always think about how it might affect our pets. The heat does not only include the temperature, pet owners must think about the humidity levels also. Here are a few tips to keep your pet safe and cool this summer.

  • Watch the weather. If a heat advisory is predicted, it is best to keep pets in the air-conditioning until temps cool off.
  • Always ensure pets have access to plenty of fresh water water bowl inside and outside.
  • Make certain pets have plenty of shade.
  • Schedule outside activities in the early morning or late evenings when temperatures are cool. Watch out for hot pavement that can burn your pet’s paws.
  • Never, never leave your pet in a vehicle, even in the shade.  The temperature inside the car can reach over 100 degrees in a matter of minutes. Don’t hesitate to call animal control for assistance if you see a pet left alone in a car.
  • Watch for warning signs of heat stroke. heat Excessive panting and drooling, bright red gums, labored breathing, listlessness. If your pet wants to lie down during a walk or lagging behind, they might be getting too hot. Remember to have a backup plan should you lose power at home as it could get very hot in your house without power.
  • 411 Information please! Be sure your pets are wearing updated identification tags or a microchip should they get loose.
  • Fertilizers, insecticides, some plants and even some brands of mulch, can be toxic if your pet ingests them.
  • Don’t put Your Pet in the Back of a Truck. It is very dangerous, and in Omaha illegal, to drive unrestrained in the back of a truck. The dog may see another animal and jump out (never say “never” this happens all the time) or maybe thrown into traffic if the driver suddenly hits the brakes, swerves or is hit by another car.
  • Check with your Veterinarian to keep your pets’ parasite free. Use heartworm prevention year round. Another warm weather threat is fleas and ticks. Use Frontline and/or Revolution to protect your pet from these pests.

Have a great summer!


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