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February 20, 2018

Pet Insurance, Yes or No?

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kaylee and stewiePet insurance. Do you have it? Have you thought about it? Are you wanting to get it? Well, we are here to give you some things to consider about pet insurance. What are things to look for in a plan? When would it be of use? Why does your pet need it?

Why would you not want an insurance plan? You and your family have health insurance, you have car and homeowners insurance, and so should your pet. Most plans cover preventive visits, accidents and medications. How many times have you said you wish you could claim your pet on taxes or that the bill wasn’t so high? Too many times to count, right? We hear it all the time, that healthcare for your pet can be expensive. Did you know that insurance companies reimburse you for certain services or products purchased during that visit? Then you would be receiving money back which reduces the amount out of pocket you have to pay. Another good reason to have insurance is in case of an emergency. How many times has your pet eaten something they shouldn’t have or vomited after hours, a holiday or a weekend? Too many times to count again, right? Insurance will help you cover the costs of unexpected circumstances and lighten the load on your wallet.




There are many different companies with affordable plans out there. According to Consumer Advocate some top pet insurance companies are:

brandon crissy barretThese companies have been put on the top list because of their reputable customer service and plan coverage options. For instance, Healthy Paws has been deemed the best overall according to Consumer Advocate because of their comprehensive illness and accidental coverage as well as their top #1 rating for customer satisfaction. Great customer service is so important!

Items to consider when choosing the right plan for your pet:

  • What benefits, deductible and copay works best for your situation?
  • Do they cover your species? Many just cover dogs and cats, though there are some that cover exotics.
  • Do they cover accidents, illness, wellness or all of the above?
  • What is the waiting period for submitting a claim from your visit?
  • Does your pet have a pre-existing condition? Most plans don’t cover pre-existing conditions – check their definition of pre-existing.
  • Is the deductible per incident, per condition or per lifetime (some may start over every year)?
  • Will it cover heritable or congenital conditions, breeding, behavior or alternative therapy?
  • Is there a cap on coverage? If so, is it per condition or lifetime?
  • What are you reimbursed for compared to the actual cost or is it a fixed amount for each procedure?

o kaleena shannonWhen you have a plan and you are needing to submit your information, most places have a very easy submission process. Most companies have forms for you and your veterinarian to fill out. Here at Ralston Vet we can e-mail or fax your claim form, invoice and patient chart to your pet’s insurance company. Some companies even have an easy app to download for easy submission.

Peace of mind is one of the most important benefits for having insurance on your fur baby.   What are you waiting for? Start today and don’t worry about weighing your medical decisions based on finances again. Get the reassurance of pet insurance.

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