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April 3, 2019

Simple Tricks to Making Your Pet’s Vet Visit Less Stressful

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Shelby Anne o davidDoes your pet stress when riding in the car? 

  • Taking your pet on frequent car rides around the neighborhood and arriving at pleasant place ( ie.. the park, or even back home again) can help alleviate stress from car rides. They will be happier to travel if they don’t always end up at the veterinary clinic, boarding facility, or the groomer.
  • Rewarding your pet with a treat or love and attention before and after a car ride can make the trip a more pleasant experience.
  • Using pheromones on the seat, in the carrier, or on your pet’s collar can help your pet feel calmer during the car ride.
  • If your pet gets car sick and vomits during car rides, there are medications available for this, so speak to one of our veterinarians about this issue.

Click here to watch a video on cat car trip tips.

Does your pet hide when it’s time to go somewhere?

  • For dogs, taking them on walks with their leash, and rewarding them positively when they see the leash (treats when walking and when using a leash) can help alleviate some of this travel anxiety. Try to make the leash, car, and leaving the house a positive experience more often than not. Don’t make travel all about the vet.
  • For cats, keeping the carrier out in the open, at least for a few days o tracy hiltbrand edit carrierprior to a vet visit, can help. This will give your cat time to adjust to the carrier. Placing your cat’s food or treats in the carrier can make it feel like an inviting place as well. You can also take your cat on short car trips in the carrier that don’t result in a veterinary exam. This way, your cat won’t always be suspicious of the carrier or the car.

Does your pet have anxiety when they come into the clinic?

  • Let us know when you call to schedule an appointment! We can greet your pet with treats and pheromone treated collars/towels to help them feel more at ease. We can also prepare an exam room in advance for your pet, especially if they feel anxiety around other animals.
  • adaptil and feliwayIf these actions are not enough to relieve anxiety for your pet, medications can be prescribed for future vet visits, so discuss this with one of our veterinarians. They are happy to help.

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