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November 22, 2019

Welcoming the Holiday Season

undefinedWhile we do welcome the holiday season (most of the time with open arms), we also unknowingly welcome in dangers to our pets. Every year, we look forward to putting up our festive, loving decorations, sometimes without thought of how it could affect our furry friends. Our canine and feline friends are very prone to injuries, and we should try to do our best to protect them. Thankfully, Ralston Vet is here to let you know what to watch for this upcoming holiday season!
Although the decorations are a wonderful addition to our homes, we must be careful not to potentially put our animals in the way of harm! Here are a few things to watch out for this holiday season:

  1. Pine needles – Can be dangerous if swallowed!
  2. Live Trees – Preservatives on pines can lead to vomiting and diarrhea.
  3. Climbing Trees – Feline friends can sometimes enjoy a high climb that could result in injury!
  4. Ornaments and Tinsel – Eating can block the digestive system.
  5. Poinsettias and Holly – A toxic plant if ingested!

Decorations can pose a danger, but so do the delicious foods we serve to our guests. I’m sure most know that chocolate is not good for our pets; however there are numerous others foods that can cause serious damage to pets:

  1. Cinnamon – If inhaled can cause lung discomfort.
  2. Nuts – Almonds, macadamia nuts, and pistachios can cause huge issues in pets, ranging from GI upset all the way to toxicity.
  3. Garlic powder, Onion, and Salt – Can cause vomiting and diarrhea.
  4. Bones – Cooked Bones can splinter in animal’s stomachs.
  5. Alcohol – Often leads to weakness, lethargy, and sometimes coma.
    To be safe this season, Dr. Wolter recommends, “When feeding guests this holiday season, consider placing your pets in another room, or in kennels until the meal is done. This will prevent any food scraps from being eaten.” In terms of holiday decorations, a tactful strategy to keep pets away from the Christmas tree is to put a small fence around the perimeter of the gifts. You can always dress this up with fabric, or decorations that are safe for pets.
    Ralston Vet wishes you and your family a safe, fun, and beautiful holiday season!

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