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January 30, 2020

Who Loves Who More?; Understanding the Love Your Fur Baby Gives You

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Unfortunately, humans and our four-legged family members don’t (currently) speak the same language. Although they are able to give us signs that they are upset, hurt, or happy, we sometimes don’t know what they are thinking. As owners we find ourselves wondering if our loved ones really know how much we care for them. In turn, our lovely companions also want to make their human companions happy. It is important that this relationship have some sort of communication, but if not through words, then how?

Our companions may not have a common spoken language with humans, but their body language does say a lot about how they feel about us. These are a few things to look out for if you are ever wondering how much your pet loves you:

For cats:

  1.  Eye contact:  Their affection is often displayed through slow blinking, which indicates a relaxed environment. If a cat is enjoying your company, often times they may look half-asleep! This is an indication that they trust you.
  • Cheek rubbing: When a cat can confidently rub their cheeks into her hand, leg, face, etc. this means that the cat is trusting of you. They perform this action to demonstrate that they would like to mingle their scent with yours! Cheek rubbing is a symbol of a beautiful friendship!
  • Simply being around you: Cats will stick around you if they find a liking for you! This means they believe you can coexist, and feel comfortable in their surroundings. Although this is a small action, it is one of significant importance. Think about it. Would you want to be around someone you did not like?

For dogs:

  1. Nosing: Similar to cats, when a dog likes someone they will often rest their face/nose against their leg, thigh, or shoe. This is a demonstration that the pet enjoys your presence, and wants to be closer to you! Although it may not be the desired attention at the dinner table, remember, your pupper just wants to show you love!
  • Sighing: Unlike humans, sighing typically does not mean discontent in dogs. Instead, it demonstrates that they are calm and feel at ease around their owners. This gesture is one that shows us humans that they feel comfortable enough to even doze off in front of us.
  • Licking: Our kisses may not be as invasive as dog’s, but a good lick to face symbolizes how much our dogs love us. It may not be the most pleasant or sanitary, but dogs show love through licking our hands, legs, and even face! Allowing them to do so at times also shows that you are allowing this love, and accepting it. Just be sure to wash wherever your pet smooches you at afterwards!

Understanding our pet’s love is both rewarding for us, and for them! One of our certified technicians, Shelly, gave us a bit of insight on her feline friend Athena. She said, “Athena is always beside me; when I’m sleeping, eating, watching television. She goes where I go, and gives lots of wonderful snuggles. I can tell she loves me as much as I love her.” Another one of our certified technicians, Corrine, shared her experience with her canine baby, Lily. She added, “Lily gives me the usual routine of kisses, and she allows me to roll her over to give them right back! She sprawls out and gives me cries of joy, begging for more of my attention. Her love is given through her kisses and happy whines for me.” Shelly and Corrine are great examples on how to listen to your family member’s messages, even if not through our own verbal language. Their love is shown in very different ways, but overall is to the same degree as our own!

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